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Logan 2017 Movie Details

Genre:Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: James Mangold
Writers: Michael Green, Scott Frank
Stars: Doris Morgado, Hugh Jackman, Boyd Holbrook
Country: USA
Language: English

Download Logan 2017 Full Movie

Logan 2017 Full Movie Synopsis

latest spin-off of the X-Men, dedicated to the most famous among students with Xavier, it is proposed as an autumn and apocalyptic film, a ‘ It operates the “end of world” set at the end of it all, in which the characters who were the protagonists of adventures revolving around the concept of excitation power, positive superman, become driving through a humanity forlorn and hopeless.

The comics to the movies have often been the exaltation of the concept of hope, bearers of incurable ability to solve any situation by virtue of a heroism that anything can because superhuman in the physical and then in the will. Logan wants to be the exact opposite, a story in which it is lacking hope and those powers which are usually seen as a blessing become a disaster to hide first of all to themselves.

In an act of humiliation of their character, Logan has the most aggressive, wild and free in the X-Men as a limo driver in the near future in which it is aged, resigned and ready to face those same face that once would do the spring. Despite the violence still exists in him and is ready to come out, has become the last resort, a choice that martoria pain him in the first place and a confrontation in which excellence is not like it used to. In a triumph of untrimmed beards Logan looks like a film of characters who seem to have it all wrong, the ultimate failure of the ideas that we had seen them wave in the other films.

There was only one story that Hugh Jackman could play wearing again the role of Wolverine, that of a Logan battered old. There is indeed a certain irony in the actor’s Australian success in the shoes of the only mutant that does not age. Convicted (but is the first to be happy about it) to continue to take it on the screen even when all the other actors who first interpreted the X-Men have stopped doing that, this time will have at his side only Patrick Stewart.

In Logan , the third spin-off dedicated to Wolverine , it will be Professor Xavier co-star, the anzianissima shoulder already aged protagonist. The two have always had a special bond, that the new series dedicated to the mutants (the one that sinks in the 60’s with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Xavier) has explored more and that here should be sublimated.


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